My guitar teacher was talking about some scales and he gave me one, then he was talking about root 3 and root 5 notes, or something. The thing is, I don't know what that means...so what does it mean? Thanks.
I think you misunderstood him talking abouts roots, 3rds and 5ths. For instance a powerchord is a root note and its 5th, the 1st and 5th notes in the scale. But I don't know much about theory so I'll let someone else take it from here.
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the numbers refer to the notes in the major scale. There are 7 notes in the major scale, the first note is also known as the root. He's probably talking about two note intervals - like schneiderman said the root and 5th note of the scale will give you a powerchord, the root and 3rd will give you the majory sounding part of a major chord - a full major chord on the guitar uses the root, 3rd and 5th plus any of their octaves that are reachable.
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well the root note is generally where the scale start, was he maybe talking about scalesthat start on the third and fifth fret? Either what i said or like the guy above said he could be talking about the creation of chords.
the first note on a scale is the root note, the major scale has 7 notes, the 3rd note of the C major scale would be E and the 5th would be G

the 3rd and 5th notes are the most used because all major chords are made with the root, the 3rd and the 5th note of the scale
3rds, 5ths, 7ths, etc are all intervals

a powerchord is a root and a fifth, and usually an octave. since the powerchord has no 3rd, its neither major or minor so you can use it whenever you want regardless of your key

major or minor chords must have a 3rd interval in them to be major or minor. so a major C chord would be root, major 3rd, fifth, etc. a c minor chord would be root, minor 3rd, fifth. the difference between a minor and major 3rd interval is that there is one half step between them.

so the notes in the two chords would be:

C major= C E G
C minor= C Eb G
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