When i try to turn the volume on my guitar up or down, its crackling and cutting off, one of my tone nobs has just started doing the same. Do i need to replace the parts or can this problem be fixed????? Help!!!!
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i had the same problem on my Epi LP and it turned out to be that the wiring needed to be resoldered. (sp?)
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Bring it to a local shop or Guitar Center or whatever and have them fix it. The pots are either dirty or need to be fixed.
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got a les paul too and my tone knob is doing the same crackling
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it can be fixed very easily. and you could, by all means, DO IT YOURSELF!!! you'll get a whole lot more satisfaction, and you wont have to lug it down to the shop and leave it there for a week to 10 days.
I'd go to an electronics store and get a few items that will cost much less than what you will pay to have someone else do it:
1. soldering iron set
2. a can of spray cleaner for electronics - this is all that you may need. there may just be dirt in the pots
3. and if you're at the electronics store get yourself replacement pots, just in case they're physically damaged in some way. and then wire it all up the same way it was.

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Yea, this happens on my Strat's volume and wah's tone pot, I need to get some of that cleaner...
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dirty pot or hot wire is becoming de-soldered/ was soldered on wrong.
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Get a new guitar, if you can.
Otherwise: listen to what everyone else has said.
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