yeah, its been posted before.

it was a few months ago though, so its ok.

i thought it was pretty good that he could manage that on only his hands.
Hahahahahaha that sounds atrocious but it sounds like the song. (I'm not saying the song is atrocious, quite the contrary in fact, but his "tone" with hand farting.)
I'd liek to hear him hand-fart Hangar 18!
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everyone listen to PLOP he knows the way of the forum samurai

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^PLOP = Best, username, ever.

He screwed up some parts, but that was pretty fucking impressive.
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That is golden.
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I love the sheer stupididty factor of this...
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That's a lot of booze. Frankly, I'm impressed. You're of a stronger timber than the average man, jimbob! Hail you.

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Yes you should go to a doctor, fucking moron. We can't do anything about your hemorrhoid.

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I'd like to see him play Speed Metal Symphony.

Man, he'd break his hands just doing the sweeps at the beginning.

EDIT: Shrederiffic2380? Is that you?
Maybe it would be impressive if he could actually fart Bohemian Rhapsody.

Like with his ass.
This guy wins at life. Game over for the rest of us, sorry guys.
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that's amazing. i'd love to see him do eruption with his hands.
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dude calebrocker, that first song on your list almost made me cry
you win my good sir

^ My For Mom cover

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That was awesome, my friend can do the same thing with his hands but not play a tune. You can make a higher sound if you wear a rubber glove, me and my friend tried it today.
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I think he's a ventriloquist.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?