I've just got a Dean ML Noir XT, but the pickups sucks, what pickup can I put in this beast for a good disto sound and maybe have some good clean?
I mostly play some Iron Maiden, but I want to play those songs heavier, more aggressive.

any suggestion?
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i'd say a seymour duncan of some sort, or an EMG. i've heard the active EMGs aren't as good at cleans though
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Your pickups don't suck, your amp probably does - at least it does for the sounds you want. The problem is lack of headroom and lack of bass response - you won't solve that with pickups or pedals, hold on to your money and save up for a new amp.

In the meantime, for Iron Maiden tones make sure you've got plenty of mids EQ'd in, scooping is a surefire way to kill any tone.
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