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20 51%
19 49%
Voters: 39.
im going with the colts, because as a die hard green bay fan, the bears must not win
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Super bowl?

it's an american thing... people from the moon wouldn't understand
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who cares who gunna win the superbowl, Prince is play halftime
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colts by 14!!
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Guys, what's the spread? Colts by 7?

As much as I want to see the Bears win, I don't think they're capable of doing so... My bet is the Colts will win, but won't cover the spread.
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I'm hoping the Bears will win. Grossman has had better playoff numbers than Manning, so maybe he'll have a good game. Hopefully the Chicago D can just shut down the Colts, and come out with a win.
i think its gonna be a close game but bears are going to take it due to special teams because colts special teams sucks and the bears have devin hester

so therefore its going to be very close and special tema sfor the bears will win it

but go colts!!
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who cares who gunna win the superbowl, Prince is play halftime

yes... and your Mum might let you watch it after you've done your English homework...

ROBMACEDIT: 31-20 to the colts...

i predict a very quiet first quarter... and the Colts to look in control of most of the game until Rex finally connects for a few long passes (because the bears will have to try something) in the 4th quarter... then Peyton will go up a gear and get a couple of scoring drives of his own at the end to ice it...
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RobbieMac2002 gives good advice.

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I predict Da Bears kicker is going to make the Colt's tight end come out as a wide receiver....yeah I hate football

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Sorry, I can't let the bears win. I live in Wisconsin, so I'm a packer fan. =)