Poll: who do you want to win?
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8 28%
13 45%
I don't geve a shit
8 28%
Voters: 29.
I now that ssomeone already has a thread like this , but not a poll. So, who do you want to win?
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you cant make a male musician choose music or sex, its like asking a fat man twinkie or brownie

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it's "I moan" backwards
No, it's I maon.


I WILL one day rule the world, Pm me with the position you want and Ill see if it is open.
colts by 14
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I predict with my amazing telepathic powers, that it will be.... the...... COLTS!!!!
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Tell her you want to sodomize her with a chainsaw
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OMFG, an opinion.

i predict that this thread is a pile of wank since it happened nearly 24 hours ago
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On cheating in a relationship...

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If he doesn't use a gameshark, it's not cheating.

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