hey i was after a roland cube for the mesa rectifier settings but which shall i get i can get the cube 60 for 10 pound more than the cube 30x???? any advice?
60 is just louder.But for practise 30 is good.
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I on the other hand would take the 60. I don't like the new cubes. There is just a crappy tuner and the letter "x" added.. other than that it's the same amp.
And if your drummers loud then the 30 will strugle a little.

//and the 60 has a 12" speaker and external speaker out.
I'd deffinately get the 60. As mentioned it has a bigger speaker, external speaker out and is able to keep up with a drummer. Also quite ironically my 60 goes quieter than the old cube 30 if need be, making it ideal for practice as well.
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the 60 is almost the same thing- the power squeeze. i'd go with the 60 unless you don't have a practice amp.