Alright, my band just moved into our band space and we're all getting kind of discouraged because it just sounds so terrible. It's a 15x16 room and the ceilings are about 10 feet high I'd guess. The owner of the space (www.bandstandlive.com to see the place) says the walls are sheet rock and steel. I'm pretty sure that's bull. To me, it seems like dry wall. If not that, just sheet rock. Now, we have two major problems.

1. Echo
The echoes are horrid. Just plain speech echoes like mad. Hit the crash cymbal and you nearly pop an ear drum. Anything mildly bassy shakes the entire room. The floors are carpeted, too, and I don't think that helps.

2. Bass notes with distortion
My guitar is tuned to Drop C. I'm currently using quite heavy guage strings, so there's little to no unwanted bending or looseness when using these notes. I'm playing through an un-microphoned Crate half stack (GT1200H head and G412SL cab) with an ESP LTD F-2005 (EMG 81 and EMG 85) distorted with the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal. My problem is that when I play on the E, A, and D strings with distortion, I get this popping sound from within the amp almost immediately after hitting the note. If I fret higher on the strings, I have no problem, and the G, B, and high E strings don't make this sound at all. It almost sounds like I'm muting the string right after hitting it, but I'm not. I had the same problem using a different amp, a different guitar with different strings, and different distortion.

So, I'm pretty sure both our problems have to do with the room. The first one clearly is. The second one most likely is since we've ruled out everything but the room as the cause. Has anyone else had problem #2 ever? The echoes we're going to try and take care of by covering the walls with the egg crate things that go on beds. I don't think that's going to help problem #2. It goes away when I turn my low down on the amp, but then I lose the chuggy, heavy sound the band plays with.

Any suggestions?
did you listen for the popping sound in a differnt room?
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put sound dampening material (ie. carpet, thick blankets, tapestry) on TWO of the walls, preferably not across from each other.

make sure to hang them away from the wall a couple of inches so the sound can be trapped.

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