Hey all, been working on this for a few days now, its not finished yet because i still need to do the outro and the solos, but its meant to be a big instrumental in the vein of chimaira/metallica etc.

C4C, any comments welcome
Thanks alot for the crit, bud, appreciated.

I liked your drum work. Particularly the ride work in the first few bars but overall the drums were good, and very powerful.

I liked the riffs aswell, although I think they're repeated a bit much, but maybe with vocals it'd be better.

The acoustics late on were a nice touch and lead into the speedy bit pretty damn well.

Overall, decent piece but I think there's a bit too much repetition. 8/10
i think ozy44 kinda nailed it on the head with his crit. brilliant piece. the drum work did stand out the most. the intro riff is really catchy, especially when you repeat it nearer the end.
only things i can find to fault, is 1)where the acoustics come in, the electric guitars kinda over power them and 2)it does get a lil bit repetative. but like ozy44 said, it would sound better with vocals added over it.

great song man, really enjoyed it. ima give it 8/10 just now, depending on how good the solo is when your done (im sure it will be a beast :P) i shall up it to a 9 or a 10

if your feeling generous, crit one or both or mine?
song 1 :
song 2 :
I liked the feel of Part 2, and your acoustic stuff sounded excellent. With the speedy bit, i probably would have gone Bar 1, Bar 2, Bar 3, Bar 3, rather than using Bar 4, but thats just me. The clean section wasnt bad at all, maybe you could try some other chords, rather than just using power chords? But i think it finishes the song off well.

If you'd like to crit my song:
I really like how you put this together it flows really well in my opinion. I liked the breakdowns, and the interludes. I liked bar 41 and through, I liked how the powerchords were put together which made a nice sound in it's progression. My, only complaint is that the rhythm guitar on part too I don't think went to well with it, but I'm not sure.

EDIT: I take back what I said in part 2, it was only like one chord that I think didn't flow well, it seemed a bit to high, other than that it was sweet.

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Wow, this was a great piece man, I loved every second of it. I had to listen to the midi since this computer doesn't have guitar pro, but i'll give you a better crit when I get home!

It was good but it needs some rythm i think, it seems kinda seems unfinished, or it has no depth its hard to explain. It also tends to drag on a bit, i think if you added a solo that would change though.

Other than that it was pretty good even though its not my style 7.5/10
cheers for the crits guys, i know some if it seems a bit rushed and unfinished but it was only a rough one to get some feedback, im tweaking it and playing around with things and also writing and tabbing the rest of the song, with the solos. An updated and finished version should be on its way soon.