I've never really looked over the major modes of scales the two and a half years I've been playing bass. But mainly focused on Blues and major, and minor/minor harmonic scales. But I've decided to learn all the modes and what not. So I stumbled upon the Pentatonic modes today, which I already knew how to play it, or so I thought, when Bam! I found out there was 4 versions of 1 mode.
So here's the question... When I'm jamming, and they want me to play the pentatonic mode, which one should I play? Or is it just whichever one sounds best kinda deals I loathe so much.
I dont think you'd be in a situation where a guitarist says "hey play me a pentatonic scale will you". it would more likely be that the gutarist is playing a chord and YOU think to yourself that you will play a pentatonic lick over it. So the first mode is basically a minor scale, so of course your guitarist will be playing a minor chord. You'd then have to work out or know which scale goes with the chord, much like the normal modes..

I'm not quite sure what you mean...can you explan a little bit? do you basically want to know what modes go with what chords?
I'm sure you've seen the lesson already. JohnlJones has really helped with the chords question.. he seems a bit of a theory guru. sweet. lets rape him of his knowledge!
Pentatonic scales are a whole book unto themselves. From what I remember, they are really abundant in non-western music, and if I remember right there are two types, hemitonic or anhemitonic, which have something to do with semitones or lack thereof.

Yes, I think we need to get the theory guru out to post a bit more I learned all of this a dog age ago and I think I've forgotten more than I've retained.