Well I have the following gear...

Ibanez S470
ZVEX Fuzz Factory
Dunlop Crybaby
Boss DS-2
Behringer EQ
Epiphone Valve Junior

I used to have a Marshall MG30DFX, but as my ears matured I began to dislike it's tone more and more everyday. So I decided to buy the Valve Junior, which is DEFINATELY an improvement, but I still don't feel 100% happy with it.

When I was pleased with my sound I would often jam for 1-2 hours a day...but sometimes I get so unimpressed with my tone that I just put the guitar down after a few songs..

Would it be worth selling everything I have minus the guitar and the Fuzz Factory (probably the only 2 items I'm happy with) and build my rig up from scratch again...maybe forget about pedals for the time being and focus on an amp I'll actually really like?

I'm aware I'll only be stuck ampless for a while, but I suppose in that time I can purely focus on the theory side of playing...learning my grade 4 book like the back of my hand...

I just don't know what to do, I used to be ecstatic with my sound when my ears were rookies...but nowadays it sometimes feels like a chore....

It's certainly not that I'm sick of guitar playing, I still love to play, I just don't like the sound of my gear...

I appreciate any help
I'm in the same situation pal (lol we gotta stop bumping into each other like this!) and I can't help you any, just don't sell the Fuzz Factory, I love mine and I never use my distortion channel on my (crappy) amp anymore!
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+ some pedals.

if you Ditch the EQ, wah and both your dist pedals, oh and maybe your amp. You'd get just over £200 for that, with that you couldnt realy get a better rig than waht youve got. Maybe if you only ditch the EQ, which can sometimes mes about with your tone. Keep your sound natrual and erm... ''smooth''. This way playing feels nicer ive noticedd. I also have the VJ which is down right sexy. I only use a nano muff and chorus pedla infront of that and my tne is immense for my style blues. Basically keep it to the bare essentials and it will sound alot nicer honestly. Too much crap can realy spoil your sound. I rek the amp and fuzz factory are what you reallllly need (and your guit lol). Keep natrual thats all im suggesting. The amp is great honestly and thats a nice pedal so dont start floggin your stuff off!

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ditch the equalizer for a dan electro fish and chips, and the ds-2 and crybaby for a vox, thatll leave you in good shape.
Ok is the VJ a Combo or a head? and I say Get rid of the DS-2, and save up for a dcent amplifier, also try re-eq-ing the amp, set your amp flat, and your eq pedal falt, disengae all dist pedals, set the volume at a talk over level and then eq the amp, get a decent clean sound out of it. Now set your pedal EQ flat. NExt up, engage your ist pedal, and set the tone so that it is merely adding dist and not coloring your tone too much, match volumes, ect. Now go back to hat pedal EQ place it after your Dist pedal, and with the dist pedal on, eq the EQ pedal to your liking, this is the only way I can think of to get a decent sound out ofyou Current rig.
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are all of the pedals in a series? it may be just one of these that's killing your tone. try eliminating the pedals individually and try different configurations with one or two pedals- that may help to isolate your problem. maybe it's just the EQ or Crybaby, and if it is just one or two of those pedals then get rid of 'em and get something better in their place. if it turns out the problem is the combination of everything but the Fuzz and the amp, then sell the rest.
I'd dump it all. Sell it all and get a good amp that you like without any pedals. That way you can use your Fuzz and have some distortion for when you want it. If your happy with the crybaby keep that too. But if you really like the Fuzz Factory, get something with a great clean channel. You should like your amps tone enough that you would play out with it without any pedals. If your happy with it like that....then go ahead and add some pedals to experiment.
The little VJ amp sounds great, but it is very suseptable to different guiars and pickups.
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So is it mainly the VJ that's the problem? I'm really basing my sound from that on the EQ pedal I have as without that....I'm not happy with the tone of my VJ, doesn't really suit the hard rock styles I play.

Will a new amp be the solution to my problems?
If you happy with your guitar, and your pickups....then yeah the next step is a new amp. However its only going to be the solution if you really take the time (and money) to find out what you like.
I noticed you like Muse. If you're after Bellamy's tone, try to get the clean on your amp sounding really bitey with lots of attack. Also MAKE SURE your Fuzz factory is first in the chain. Dop the wah and the ds-2 from the chain as you're Fuzz factory will essenstially give you the distortion.

Good settings i've found for an all round Muse sound is:

Gate - 10 o' clock - (pointing to the sun)
Comp - 1-2 o' clock - (pointing to the man)
Drive - Just past 3 o' clock
and Stab - all the way.

Select bridge pickup, full volume and EQ so that the mid frequencies are zeroed and the lows and highs are slightly above zero.

Good luck!
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I find reverb helps to fill out my sound.
No reverb sounds good for some things but lots of things will sound empty without it.
How loud do you have the amp. The VJ should sound wonerful when cranked past 3 oclock or further. Also a long effects chain can really soak up your signal. A simple mod for your VJ would be to build an effects loop.
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I find reverb helps to fill out my sound.
No reverb sounds good for some things but lots of things will sound empty without it.

Yeah....I really dont think reverb is the problem.

Either keep experimenting with your amp, or dump it. Either you like it or you dont. Things like reverb or other effects shouldnt come into the equation. Like I said before....you wanna e able to enjoy your amp before you throw any effects into the mix.
In response to Crimson_Eve in my experience when have found my sound to lack some body especially cleans I find reverb helps. This probably makes more of a difference if you are playing alone.
That being said I don't have a lot of experience with different amps and effects. The only effect I regularly use is my amp's reverb.