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Nice grimmy intro! I like the use of dissonants. The drum really set the atmosphere quite well. The electric guitar comes in and I think it has to much gain. I like the synth melodies and tone! It doesn't seem to go anywhere though, but maybe that's just me, or the lack of vocals. There are some parts where I really think 'ah, here comes the vocal' and it doesn't come.

If it would have more different parts or vocals, it would be much better. Not that it's bad right now. I'd give it a 6.5/10

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Forgot to add, no vocalist and we are looking for one. We purposely wrote some parts to leave space for vocals. Thanks.
Sound really cool! During the intro, the symbols seemed almost too much or something!
The rest of the song is very cool and have a a dark errie feel to it that I enjoyed!
Favorite part of the song is about 1/2 way when you begin all the cool drum beats and the melody/riffs.

Can't wait to hear more!

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Sounds like something is missing. I like death/black so i guess nothing was catching my ear too much. Although some parts reminded me of Nile. um, LOL, double bass is seriously lacking. Keep practicing, drummer.
That was pretty awesome, very atmospheric intro, like the little synthy bits that appear throughout. Guitars were pretty cool, like the spooky bit in the middle. Only negative is that I've gotta agree with the above comment, the double kick was a bit off at times.