When ever I pluck those dang strings on my SRX500 Ibanez, I get this annoying buzz on every fret I play. This happened after I RESTRUNG it. I'm just a intermediate bassist, and don't know a whole lot about how to restring a bass correctly. So can you please tell me what my problem is?
Well, in the process of restringing you may have accidently lowered the action by knocking the bridge. It happenend to me and and I took the strings off and raised the action, put the strings back on and it was fine. hope that helped.

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idk but it happened to my guitar for a while until i played it alot and i heard on a guitar and you restring it yank allittle on each string on the twelfth fret.??.
when you restring the bass, tension is lost in the neck. This is why you have the fret buzz. You can take it to a shop and get it sorted, and see if they'll show you how to reintonate and set up your bass... and an extra tip, don't remove all the strings at once, restring it one string at a time.
try raising the action. i did that on my thinderbirrd and had the same prob. it works great now!! love it to peices. speshally now ive changed the strap lok points!!! wooooo!
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take it to a shop and have the truss rod adjusted
I had a similar problem, but with an SRX300