Has anyone here ever had sleep paralysis? If so, share your stories..
I just had it and it freaked me out but it was kinda cool at the same time, because I had researched it because I had it before, and I found out how to wake myself up, and I knew what was going on so I didn't panic.

I was having a dream that I was roaming around my school with a bunch of other people breaking stuff at night, and the police and some teacher caught us. So they were giving us this really weird punishment where they were giving us like inhaler things and special tampons and other weird sh*t and saying that we had to use them or we would die or something. But anyways they made us all go outside and sit in a line and handed the stuff all out to us, but when the cop gave me the second thing I started crying and freaked out and hit him in the face and ran away as fast as possible, and I could see him chasing me so I went to call my mom and I was freaking out cuz I slowed down to dial her number..

And then my mind woke up and I still felt like I was running and holding my cell phone, and I couldn't hardly breathe and I couldn't move. I could only open my eyes half way. I knew that I was awake but I couldn't move, so I just wiggled my toes and fingers and I woke up.

So has anything like that ever happened to you before?

Yes, I AM a girl, thanks for asking!
Yeah that happened to me once. I was being eaten by a stuffed shark toy so it wasn't too great.
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that's happened to me, except i don't remember what i was dreaming. i just remember waking up and being aware that i was awake, but i couldn't move my limbs. scared the hell outta me, especially because i was panicking, but i couldn't really breath well, which in turn made me panic more.
Well..I was lying on my back, about half awake when I try to open my eyes they were half open and I can see like 3 disturbing looking figures standing near my bed and I hear a loud wind blowing like noise and people laughing. When I open my eyes completely, they're gone.
Yeah. It used to happen to me quite frequently when I was a kid. You feel really helpless -- the only thing you can really do is breath very shallow and blink. I mean, it really scares the living hell out of you. And you want to scream for help because the whole situation sends you into a state of alert and panic. It sucks.

And, although I usually woke up that way face down on the pillow, sometimes I would wake up face up. And I could see odd things. I remember it was three in the morning once, and I woke up in that condition. I was seeing random lights, shadows -- just the freakiest crap you can think of.
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yeah i had this one where i was walking throughout my house and i kept seeing jesus everywhere...well i sensed it was jesus but no one confirmed it actually was him......once i walked into my room, there were all these demons and carcasses laying everywhere...all this blood all over the walls...once they saw me, they pranced over to me and starting biting and shit. Then I woke up, feeling really heavy and weird.
i had a dream the other day that i shot myself in the head with a pistol and i died in my dream. in the dream dying was like waking up from sleep, because after i shot myself it was like i woke up, but still in the dream, you know what i mean?
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i had a dream the other day that i shot myself in the head with a pistol and i died in my dream. in the dream dying was like waking up from sleep, because after i shot myself it was like i woke up, but still in the dream, you know what i mean?

i have a friend who describes dieing in a dream the exact same way. i always wake up before i ever actually die in a dream so i wouldn't know.
I did have one, they forced me to use the search button
I do have sleep paralysis quite often though
I remember being little and waking up face down in the pillow. I culdn't breathe like that and I couldn't turn over. I was scared out of my mind. I also have memories of being little and closing my eyes, but still being able to see the room. Anybody else remember anything like that?
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