I'm kind of a guitar newbie, but I was just wondering if its possible to put steel strings on a guitar that usually uses nylon strings, I would imagine there'd be no difference but I was just wondering.

Also, theres something else I was wondering, how do electric accoustics work? My friend told me they sound just like accoustics, but they have an onboard tuner.

Do they use amps? Whats so electric about them?

And what kind of strings do THEY use? any accoustic strings, or electric strings?
no u cant put steel strings on an acoustic classical guitar, ull probably bend the neck is should think.

Secondly, electro-acoustics have a microphone and/or pick up in them with a jack plug so u can amplify the sound, other than that they are the same as normal steel strung acoustics, u might also get ones with an ouput stage including eqs/tuners etc.
oh wow its a good thing I came here then-

Well, whats the difference in sound between nylon and steel string?

By what I've played, and what I've listened to, I'd guess that nylon strings are much deeper, and have almost a piano sound, whereas steel strings are higher, and sound kind of like a banjo.

But I'm seriously a newcomer to guitars so thats just my guess, I'm kind of going for the sound of tenacious d, which inspired me to get into acocustics instead of electric, and I know they use accoustics.

Although I'm kind of thinking of getting an electro accoustic--

any advice?
steel strings sound metalic, nylon strings sound very wholesome, i love the sound of nylon strings because i started off learning alot of classical stuff and spanish tunes, steel strings sound great all around but if your looking for a more, exotic sound? classical is the way to go, alot of flemeco(pardon my spelling) is played with nylon, its also a far easier place to start with on guitar as tension is lower. basically if your looking to hear the difference between a steel string and a nylon is to look up any spanish tunes or watch.... once upon a time in mexico lol thats where i saw a nylon classical string guitar really shine in crazy violence but anyways, electro acoustic are great if you wanna play for large groups. hope that helps?
yea I'm about to play in a band, I've been playing my classical for a while only has an enthusiast I guess, I've gotten pretty good but haven't bothered untill now that I've been invited into a band to actually ifnd out a little more about guitars.

I might be going to this guitar superstore soon with a friend where you can play around with the guitars before you buy, I might check that out soon, but I'm still wondering if anyone can give me an audio comparison between nylon and steel string.

I'm going to search youtube now.
Nylon guitars are usually classical guitars and are very different to steel strung acoustics. Generally, alot of people consider steel acoustics to be essentially the same as electric guitars except that u dont need an amplifier, however they have subtle differences and are really quite different instruments when u get to learn the ins and outs of each. As a begginner tho u can probs consider them to be about the same, except the strings are alot thicker.

Classical guitars are completely different and are played always finger picked, usually on the left thigh (if ure right handed) and at about a 45 degree angle from the body due to the ticker neck and wider spaced strings. They are used more for classical style playing altho sometimes flamenco and jazz.

If u wana play in a band, ull probs need an electric guitar with an amplifier or atleast an electro acoustic with an acoutic guitar amp/ mic'd acoustic.
Oh ok, well come to think of it I think the guitar I have IS steel string, when you told me the neck would break with steel strings on a classical guitar I was like "WHAT?!" and looked at my accoustic, it doesn't look like it could break, its strong.

I might not know what real steel string accoustics looks like.

And I think the guitar I'm using actually WAS originally strung with steel string, I just found the guitar laying around the house one day, tried to start playing, but because it was missing a string, I decided to go to a small guitar store and get it restrung. We didn't bring the guitar in, and we told the guy I was a beginner, so he probably gave us nylon even though what we needed was steel string.

Thats probably also why my guitar has a very annoying deep sound.

And about using an accoustic or an electric, I can't really decide which I want, however I'm probably going to go electric- IDK-
Nylon strings are not any deeper, they can be warming, but sound like garbage if you play them with a pick, or have bad right hand technique.

If the headstock looks like this, it is likely a steel string

And this is a classical style headstock

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
You CAN put steel strings on your guitar - but just a speciall type of steel strings. If you put on some ordinary ones your neck is going to collapse. I had some "THOMASTIK-INFELD" strings on my guitar - it worked out pretty well. But i've got to say it was far away from sounding as good as my new western guitar with steel strings.
thanks "nightwind" for the pics, now I know I AM using a steel string guitar-

And yea I use a pick on it that may be why it sounds like crap-

Thanks much all for the info, I'm going to get me some steel strings soon, but I have one more question just out of interest-

What about putting steel or even nylon strings on an electric?

Just wondering.