im deciding on what my second guitar should be and im not sure what to get. the ibanezrg321 looked good and so did a fat/hss strat.

im also thinking bout a new amp. i just have an ibanez amp that came with my guitar- 10 or15 watts with distortion. i want one with effects (mostly reverb and a decent wah). not looking to spend more than 200 usd.

or would it also be a beeter idea to just buy a good guitar and no amp or vice versa?

i would really appretiate some guidance.

note: i realized i posted this in the wrong forum earlier.
you shouldnt settle for cheap s tuff at like 200 for an amp and such, you should save up about 3-400 and get something decent, and if your comfortable with your gui tar now, t he amp is more important to get. what guitar do you have right now?