i just finished a heavier song...ill try to give crit4crit but i dont know if ill be able to...my comp isnt working right

Edit: this is the new file
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It was decent, but a solo would really spice things up. Also I think it's too slow, it sounded a lot better after I turned the tempo up to 130bmp... . The verses were a little bland, you should put some sort of lead melody on top of those guitars to make it more interesting, nothing too busy, just a simple little lead line, something like what you did in the 're intro' part... . The chorus sounded really cool, but only after I sped it up. The clean part was nice, it fit the song well, a melodic solo would sound great there... .
So overall it wasn't bad, but it needs some more work... .

crit mine?

I agree turning the tempo up did make it alot better. The rythem lines souded and gave the song almost a power metal sound. A solo would make it alot better and break up the fact that the song gets a little repetitive. A clean with melody would work best

Its pretty good and has alot of potetial 8/10