Who do you think is going to win??????
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This is like the fourth super bowl thread. SHEESH!

But I think the Bears will take it.
theres like 10 other threads on this. someone make a n00blette out of this kid....

get it, like a noob omlette.

i fail.
A Seven Nation army couldn't hold me back.
bears...the weather plays into the bears hands cause indy is always playin in a dome and the bears play in well...chicago:P
Well I'm from Chicago so you can probably guess.
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prince is going to win. HAHHA

Nah. I think. Im gonna go with the bears. Only cuz Im betting my friend :P
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bears, grossman has a higher passer rating in the playoffs and less interceptions, so the bears have a better running game, passing game, defense and special teams, its obvious whos going to win
Dudes i live 90 miles west of chicago.I HATE THE ****ING BEARS!!!!!!!.So im hopeing to god they dont win or im gunna have to hear about this super bowl win for another 21 years.Jesus the last time the bears won,Mullets were in style,an chicago bear fans still wear em'.
No one is going to win. An asteroid will come and destroy miami. But if that doesnt happen, Im going with the toronto maple leafs like benenov said. Or better yet, the edmonton oilers.
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