I've planned out my next guitar moves but need help on the lil details. First guitar is the jackson MG Series WRMG Warrior. Would of prefered it to be fixed bridge. Thatll be for playing downtuned stuff like machine head, god forbid, etc. Second was the jackson MG Series DKMG Dinky, but swap the EMGs for a pair of seymour duncans. Which is where i need the help, i'd use it for mainly drop d stuff like lamb of god, so i dunno what pick ups to get.

I have a peavey 5150 but im setting up a practice room so will be getting new amps soon, probably a jcm 800 and something else.

Any sugestions on the pickups or the guitars would be great. No price range so im open to anything for the moment.
id say go with the warrior, i got one for xmas and its got a great sound, even out my sucky amp
plus you can downtune on it, you just need to adjust the action, its not too difficult, and if you cant do it take it to a tech and they should do it free
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