all minty fresh in about perfect condish.

subdecay blackstar - 113$ shipped and paypal fees covered.

electro-harmonix pulsar tremolo, 66$ shipped

dano fish and chips EQ - 30$ shipped,

all with paypal covered
that dano pedal... used for 30 bucks? i got mine brand new for 22 or something....... one of the best pedal i bought . Seriously worth checking out.
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subdecay is a distortion pedal, think a wall of marshalls in your face... major crunch, but I really love amp distortion and I want a 5150 badly, so it needs to go, they sell for like 160, so I think my price is fair.

the dano, I got it for 35$, and the only reason I ask 30 is because paypal will rip me out of some money, and shipping, so I guess I could do 28$ to be fair.