Poll: do you get what you pay for when it come to guitar?
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11 58%
8 42%
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i was reading the results of my dollars per watt game and i was wondering when it comes to guitars and amps do you think you usually get what you pay for or do you think you can find a better deal for cheaper.

I personally think that you dont always get what you pay for becuase with alot of guitars your just paying for brand names. But you can find non name brand guitars and amps that are cheaper and sound better. But of course if your paying the big bucks for guitar like $1500 or more you get what you pay for usually. what do you guys think?
nope, everything is overpriced when it comes to guitar

it really sucks when you cant afford to upgrade from a squier
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i think to a certain point you get what you pay for. obviously a 100 dollar guitar isnt going to play as nicely as a 1000 dollar guitar, but from a 1000 to a 1500, or a 1500 compared to a 5000! is mainly cosmetic and extra features...that isnt to say a 5000 isnt going to be sweet though,

for amps, i think its the same deal....sort of. A hand made 6000 dollar amp is gonig to be wicked, unique, and cool, but it only costs that much because its in low production. And, ive had a chance to play some super expensive amps, as well as some amazing vintage amps, and they sure do sound cool, but it doesnt mean they will sound the way you want it to. For example, take my amp, a voc ac30 classic custom. I couldve bought a handwired Top Boost, and it woulda sounded amazing, and would have set me back 3-4 grand, but its reliability would blow bigtime. I spend less than a grand on my classic custom head, and its perfect for me.

Like a guitar, to a point, it all becomes taste, and preference.

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ya like old sears silvertones sound awsome

sweeeet, i got my hands on a siver tone 1 12 tube combo for 400 bucks in almost m int condition. Mic that thing from the back and it sounds masssive, great amps.

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It's the same as guitars as it is with everything: Prices are based on what people are willing to pay, not what something is "worth" in any sort of quality sense of the word. The best way to combat this pricing is with information.
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id say that a lot of times you do.

i mean, if you get a Gibson SG, it will cost a lot more than an Epiphone SG, but its going to sound a lot better too, in most cases.