Anybody here else like Umphrey's, I'll hopefully be seing them along with moe. at sumercamp. That festival looks crazy. I think these guys are one of the best jam bands on the circuit today.
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yeah man!

i like rebubla, thats one of my favorite songs. But I have to miss their concert here
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Nothing special?

Are you mad?

Now, I'm a jam n00b but to my virgin ears, they're ****ing crazy...
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Absolutely incredible band. Def. one of my favorites.

I have a concert of them doing Layla and the intro they talk about how sad D-Minor is. (Spinal Tap)

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Umprey's is a great band, and they can PLAY live which is getting rarer and rarer....
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Umphrey's is the best band going now. Noone comes close.
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