Ok, so i got myself this Ibanez RG 170 DX a long time ago.

But now when i look at shop price lists and such. I can't seem to find an Ibanez 170DX RG, they only have the GRG 170 DX.

So i was wondering. Are they the same ? The headstock looks different though, and after a quick search on wikipedia they say GRG are like the Ibanez "Budget-series". But now i'm wondering if my RG is also considered a budget guitar, or is it a bit better?
I think the Ibanez RG 170 is discontinued, or continued as the GRG. I think the RG 170 is a budget guitar though.
yeah they're basically the same. Both low quality budget models.
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Both are budget guitars, but they're not the same,
- Varies, most made in Korea/Indonesia (mostly Indonesia)
- Jumbo frets
- PSND pickup
- Wizard II neck
- FAT20 tremolo

- Either made in Indonesia/China (mostly China)
- Medium frets
- STD pickup
- GRG1 neck
- FAT10 tremolo

Personally i prefer the older RG.
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FAT20 and FAT10 Trems?
I heard of them but never really knew what they looked it.

GRG1 neck too.
There is a lot to learn I guess.
other than that, the rg seems better.