Can any of you guys recommend a good poker online poker site where you don't have to gamble money?


Also feel free to give any tips to our fellow poker playing UGers
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I use pacificpoker..its pretty good

pacificpoker.com me thinks...
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I LOVE Texas Hold 'Em!
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you can play for money or just practace
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iPoker is the way forward (dunno if it works on PC)
Call me Duncan.

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you can play for money or just practace

Maybe I should have thought of that as the football team I support is Middlesbrough and their sponsor is 888.com lol
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pitbullpoker.com or partypoker.com

Tip number one: If you play for play chips and not for real money.. Don't bluff. The guys care less about their chips as you do for yours.
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I use Full Tilt Poker, though what the site address is I don't know. It's downloaded, and you play with free chips, which you can refresh back to 1000 every five minutes. Good fun.
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partypoker.net is for fun and partypoker.com is for real money. I use partypoker.net and it's alot of fun. They have multi table tournaments every hour or you can just join regular tables.
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even if I didnt want to lose any money playing poker... i'd be tempted to find the cheapest real money table available, at least then, however small it is (dollar to sit down or whatever) the people wont just be clicking call for the hell of it...

poker doesnt really work imo if you dont lose anything
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RobbieMac2002 gives good advice.