hey, I'm sure that this topic is many other places in this forum but I couldn't find it, so I'll go ahead and ask. how can I improve the speed of my fretting hand (in my case, the right hand).
What type of music do you want to play. If you like classic rock, play along with Aerosmith's songs. A lot of those are pretty fast and will definitely improve your speed. If you like metal, shred or whatever else fits that category, go with the sweep picking videos and the metronome idea that ImSheddingSkin suggested.
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I had the same problem and used chromatics. It seems like a trivial thing to do but you will get faster. It's all about muscle memory .

Yeah, unless you're cool and hate finger exercises, just make up some chromatic thing. Playing frets 1-2-3-4 up and down all the strings, and move up the neck wouldn't be a bad choice. I got fast by playing around in the pentatonic.
Wow. I just came here for fun, but the majority of this makes sense. My guitar teacher says just practice something that has a progression in it a lot, and you'll get faster. Well, actually he was talking about my.... scales disability.