Hey. I've been playing for around 5 years and I am 17. I'm looking for any other like minded musicians in the area to jam or form a band with(or maybe join one). I live in the Plano area and some of my influences are:

Tool, Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta, The Fall Of Troy, Mastodon, Soundgarden, At The Drive-In, Fugazi, The Melvins, Kyuss, The Queens of The Stone Age, Refused, and Yes.

I have no set sound I am aiming for except something that does not suck.

If interested PM me and I'll give you some contact info.
hey i play guitar and i am good i live in royse city near plano i play alot of 80's hair metal (Dokken ,Kiss ,Twisted Sister, Etc.) idk if u'd be interested in playing stuff like that but if u or n e one you know is interested and dosen't play lead guitar (cuz i do) just PM me thnx
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hey noach, i have a band that is just looking for a BASSIST to complete us.
I'm not sure if you'd be willing to play bass for us, but we're in Allen and we like basically the same music as you minus the more modern bands you listed.
But yeah, we already have 2 guitarists, so we don't really need another one, but a bassist would be FANTASTIC if you could please help us out.

sorry, I don't have a bass, plus all of the same bands minus the newer ones leaves Led Zeppelin. LZ's bass lines are lame.

(Dallas sucks big dick....*sigh)
I live in garland...

I can't get to plano, though, because, yu know... I'm only thirteen...
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Hey--your'e a Feb2007er !!!

People are always flaming me couse I'm a Jan2007, Yet here you are, fücking unscathed!!!
Now I'm pissed off!!!

Sorry, I'd really like to be in a band... I sing.
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Quote by Noach101
(Dallas sucks big dick....*sigh)

sycks less dick than wherever youi live. :stickpoke

I Dallas
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