I have an old humbucker and I am goin to have a lil guitar that i am building for fun, how do I wax that bottom of the pickup to the metal thingy it attachs to?
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That's not wax, they usually use epoxy to affix the covers.

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Epoxy is for cheap pickups. Wax is used in better because you can actually remove it, unlike epoxy.

Note: it's not just pure beeswax, it's a mix of different things. Google it if you want to know more; and you will also find tutorials (I think projectguitar has one?).
You use paraffin or bees wax, candle wax and surfboard wax work too, I believe.

I'm pretty sure the base plateis screwed onto the bottom of the pickup.
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I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. The wax is just used for potting the pickup. It dosen't hold anything together. The bobbins are attached to the bassplate with brass screws. If the pickup has a cover then you have to solder the cover to the bassplate. After it's all put together you need to pot it again. It's really easy to get the wax too hot and melt your bibbins so be careful when you pot.

I'm not sure if that answered your question or not.
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