Alright So heres my next attempt at music. I know it sucks just give me your ears and opinions, be harsh, that way i can accommodate you all one day.

I did lower the piano in it. because i cant play piano, But hopefully it still sounds melodic.


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try putting it up on purevolume or myspace, most people (including myself) don't like downloading things that aren't absolutely necesary...
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More importantly did you listen to it? I take that as a No. Why do you people think god create High speed internet for. So you could waste time watching superbowl updates. NO so you can download internet porn. Jees.

My song is 1.4 MB and you people cant download it. Its a fraction of a good quality porno. What has the world come to Al Gore.. Whats has the world come to...
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I like it.

Now, I'll try to harshly criticise it:

1) The guitar track seems to be a bit "humid" like you've added too much reverb or delay or something. To my ears it just sounds as though the guitar gets lost in the mix a little...it would sound better if it had a bigger "presence" in the song.
2) I read an interview with John Frusciante where he said that RHCP try to incorporate a sense of "growth" in the music, as though it's building or at least moving in a certain direction. You can hear this pretty clearly on songs like "Turn it again" and "Wet Sand" on the new album. I think you need to incorporate this idea into your music. The song sounds very static, and as a result, risks being mistaken for elevator music.
3) The guitar playing seemed a little cumbersome in places. Don't get me wrong, a lot of it was very melodic and nice but at times it seemed like you were trying to fit too many ideas into the one space...it felt a little crowded. What I think would improve it significantly is if you let the guitar breathe a little more, had a few more silences, changed up the pace a little.
4) The drum track (if that's what it is, it might be your hand hitting the guitar) seems a bit out of place.

in my opinion.

anyway, i may have been way off in my criticism but there you go. my main problem with it is that it doesn't go anywhere, it's not very dynamic, and it just sounds like a loop/elevator music.

other than that, i like it.
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Dang son, you didnt have to go that far.... Just kidding. Thank you very much and tell your pals to harshly critize my music so that i can one day be a muscian who is prodeces art (music) that all can enjoy.

Can anyone notice the piano? Its a little more prevalent around 1:10. any thought on that ?

Lastly in response. The finger style pattern could use a litttle tweaking. Also I'm aware that its a little repetitive, the drum is me hitting the strings with a slight echo. I feel that part is necessary becuase it gives an acoustic feel to the song rather than me adding another drum track. This way its more pure in my mind. Even if it is out of beat at times.
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53 views and only 4 replies thus far, This will mark my 3rd reply minus the intro.

Can someone do the math and tell me why no one is criticizing my elevator music?

At the very least play it for your gf and tell her you made it for her around Valentines. She will be shocked and surprised because a) She knows you've never made anything as good as this file and b) The song is so unromantic that she may think its a breakup song and consequently want to she will want to lay you just to keep you around.

Either Way its a Win Win situation.

Moral of the story, folks download it, listen to it, tell me whats wrong with it then get back to your daily routine of guitar practice. Hopefully...
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