Ok, I thought I'd start off by saying I have no idea what I am on about at the moment. In another thread someone said something about swapping the Alnico and Ceramic magnets round in 2 sets of pickups, moving one from the bridge into the neck and vice versa, and I was wondering if this is easily done and how it can be done.
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It'd be easier to just swap the pickups round - but that might give you a volume differential as bridge pickups are usually hotter than neck pickups. However, that suggestion was for a specific set of stock pickups that happened to have an alnico magnet at the bridge and a ceramic at the neck, which is in itself not particularly common....

...unless you have an Ibanez RG, it would appear
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It would appear so. And I'd rather not swap the pickups around completely. I just wanna check out how different it would sound if I swapped these round.
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