I was sitting around trying to do some work in a crowded area and couldn't concentrate with all of the people talking. I then whipped out my headphones and blasted my music and was very productive. This made me wonder, does music help you concentrate or does it ultimately distract you?
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It depends, if it's a nice smooth slow song then I don't get distracted. But if it's loud, raunchy hard rock then yeah I get distracted by it.
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I listen to music virtually all the time...mainly because it helps me concentrate and relax.
I listen to music while I'm doing my homework, it drowns out outside distractions for me. In fact, it's hard for me to do homework without music. My lady friend, on the other hand, can't concentrate on work even if it's just a little Sunn O))) playing in the background.
Depends on the type of music I guess, sometimes it helps me concentrate but sometimes it's just distracting as hell. Like when you're studying math; if I'm doing exercices I can listen to music without getting distracted but if I have to study theory I can't stand any noise.
I think if you have to memorise something it distracts you.
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Yes, it does. I hate it when my sister tells me that I shouldn't be listening to music because "you can't concerntrate with them on, whilst doing work". Pfft...
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It depends really. If it's music which I normally listen to as well, then it'll probably just distract me. But if it's like some smoothjazz or something, it helps me to concentrate
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i cant concentrate worth shit without music, always have to have it




Slower music helps me, but hard rock doesn't really do much for my concentration when I got an assignment to finish
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Yes, it distracts me very much sometimes. And i can't stop myself from listening to it almost all the time when i really should be doing something important. Like right now.
I can block out some music, but if it's something i really like i can't help but focusing on the music.
depends on the music.. sometimes ill be unaware of the album im listening to (if im studying or something). then other times, i might get really into the music.

i noticed if im high at all, any music will distract me. idk why, but it just sucks me in. if im driving and im high i dont even listen to music cause it distracts me way too much
yeah i cant focus in a room with alot of people talking, but if i have my headphones in jamming to some metal then i do good, for some reason mellow music makes me not focus again...?
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I sometimes fall asleep listening to metal. I find music really helps - it makes work a lot less painful, and stressfull.
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Nah. Music helps me get the job done. Whether it be physical labor or school work.
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Instrumentals usually help me more then songs with lyrics. Mainly cos I start doing falsetto Matt Bellamy impressions
I listen to classical, orchestral music when I do my homework. I've recommended to to people, and so far it's worked in 11/11 cases.

But then I switch to some good ol' rock the second I'm done.
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I hate listening to music while doing work..it distracts me.

Yet, when I write--I choose to listen to Pink Floyd. I essentially write better!
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driving high really isnt that big of a deal.. if you've ever even smoked weed, you'd know that its not an obstacle. i wouldnt reccomend it, and i personally avoid it, but its not a big deal and isn't like driving drunk if that's what you're getting at...
music always helps me concentrate
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Depends if I have heard the song alot. If I have heard it alot, then it helps, if I have not heard it much, then it can get to be a distraction
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yeah soft stuff doesnt distract me at all.
if im listening to something really hard it does.

but, for some weird reason, if im really pissed off, then i turn on hardcore/screamo shit, it calms me down.
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Any music I enjoy helps me concentrate. I have to have my noise-cancelling headphones if I intend to get anything accomplished in a densely occupied area.
well if Im trying to study I will have a song in my head and will start tappin it out, slowly moving away from what I was doing... quite annoying.
if its something soft, like something you can sing to then ill get distracted

but if its something really heavy with a lot of screams in it then i wont get distracted
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depends on what school lesson i'm in. if i'm in ICT it helps a lot for some reason, but if 'm in Art or Design Technology it distracts me...

i'm weird
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in geography my teacher is liek obsessed with U2 and hes constantly playing them while were doing our work and ill get distracted by it then when class is over hes like "u hardly have anything written down? u need to start working harder" im like well i could if u wouldnt play that sucky music... same goes with math cept its worse she plays rap
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Nah, music really hinders my productivity. I concentrate more on the guitar than my work.
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It keeps my mind anchored. If I'm not listening to something, I'll end up staring into space and my mind will wander.
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