I am looking to buy either a Fender Twin Amp or Fender Twin Reverb 65. The 65 appearantly uses a tube reverb?, but the newer model Twin Amp uses the older spring reverb. Can anyone tell me what the differences in sound and quality might be asside from the mechanical differences?
Couldn't tell. My 6505 combo has spring reverb and it sounds pretty good. IMO, nothing beats the old school stuff.
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tube reverb is not a type of reverb i believe. i think that tube reverb means powered by tube. spring reverb sounds less extreme than plate reverb, and room and hall reverb are emulated. I'd go with the tube reverb.
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What does it matter? Buy the amp you like the sound of best, reverb should just be an extra.
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Yeah, you really need to try 'em both out and see what you like better. They're both great amps, you're not going to go too far wrong either way.

I can tell you that my Fender has tube driven reverb, and it's incredible. Only thing is that it's so deep that once you get past "3" or so, it sounds like you're playing in the Grand Canyon with hardwood floors.
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I can't really tell much of a difference. Spring or tube both sound fine.
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