ok so i just bought In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth:3 by Coheed and Cambria and i put it into my computer to rip it to my media player. it says theres 23 tracks on my player. an additonal 12 songs to the 11 songs listed on the back of the cover. now tracks 12 through 22 are about 8 seconds each and theres nothing on them but the last track(23) is 9:46. so does anybody know whats up with this and what the last track is called...im probably just going to leave the rest of them off the rip. i just want to know before i do anything else. thanks.

12-22 are called "A Lot of Nothing: Part I-VIII" and track 23 is called 2113
then i got ripped off, my copy doesn't have that
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good, however give yourself a pat on the back for starting a thread that contains a picture of Optimus Prime!

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yeah it's true.

it's cuz 23 is the age of the characters when the virus "evolves", that's what i think anyway.

you've only just bought this record? mannn, you've been missing out. i;d say it's the best cd of the 00's.
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