Ok, so this is my first attempt at writing a song. Its really repetitive and was originally meant to be part of a longer song, but I need feedback on how I'm doing so far, so any constructive criticism would be very much appreciated Its a hard rock/thrashy kind of song.
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I think that lead part sounds pretty bad - it needs to come in at a better time.
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um, that was ok. needs some work tho. almost dropped a log when bar 43 started playing, that riff/solo came outta nowhere. there was no build up or anything, dno if it was meant to be a solo or not but it didnt really go in my opinion. lacked some feeling. but if this is just the start of a song then i can see it becoming something good, if you make some moderations etc. 6/10

if you get time, crit mine?
song 1 :
song 2 :