well i am having a problem i am trying to clean my pots but i cant get my guitar knobs off. They arnt just popping off like i ahve been told they should, and i even tried the shirt method. And there isnt a screw either so might there be some otehr way to get them off? i have a schecter strategy if that helps at all, does something special need to be done here?
If there are no screws on the side of the knob they probably are supposed to pop off.
I actually redid the knobs on my les paul recently and could only get one popped off, so i took two screwdrivers (careful not to scratch the wood!) and pulled up. Worked like a charm.
Pull harder.
I got the same type of knobs on both my guitars (speed knobs or something) And on my FIRST ACT EWWWW I can easily whip those knobs off. But on my Epiphone, I can't seem to pop them off. My dad did though when he had to do something to the pot.
i just pushed my plectrum underneath the knobs, turned the knobs and gradually pushed up wi the plectrum, this worked for me although took a little bit of patience lol
take a thin dress sock or panty hose. wedge it under the knob at the middle of the sock.

and pull up on the knob. it will pull off the knob like a sling shot.

like said, the only way this wont work is if there is a tiny screw hole on the side of the knob. that would mean the knob is Locked onto the stem. and the screw would have to be loosened first, before the knob could be slipped off.

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