I'm just really confused, because I've never heard an explanation behind this. But in the studio version of Polly on Nevermind he says, "Let me take a ride, cut yourself" but live beside a few shows, he says "Let me take a ride, hurt yourself"

I'm just confused if maybe they were asked to change it, or if something controversial happened. I know about the rape that happened with those guys who played the song while doing it, but I dont' see why that has something to do with it.
I don't think there is any important reasoning behind it, it's just like the way he would switch between "group" and "tribe" in SLTS.
Don't see why it's really that important. People change the words of their songs all the time.
I can agree with that, only thing that made me think otherwise is the fact that cut yourself sounds alot worse than hurt yourself
There are loads of different versions to the words of Polly in particular, but to most Nirvana songs as well. Just one of them things.
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its pretty normal.. artists change their lyrics all the time.. besides.. who has the right to say Kirk sang it wrong? he wrote it anyway..