So I've got my guitar plugged into my effects loop plugged into the line in on my soundcard, and so I'm recording in Cool Edit, but it's only recording in the left channel, so the sound only comes out the left speaker. I went through all of the preferences and settings etc. and made sure nothing was going on, and I can't figure out how to record onto both channels. I'm pretty sure this is just a Cool Edit problem, and not with my soundcard. Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know how to fix it?
The only problem you have with Cool Edit Pro is that you are using Cool Edit Pro.
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check and make sure the speakers are plugged in

Both of the speakers are plugged in... The problem is that it's only recording to the left channel. Like so...

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The only problem you have with Cool Edit Pro is that you are using Cool Edit Pro.

Don't be a dick, dude.


I just downloaded Audacity and I'm getting the same problem, so it isn't a Cool Edit problem.
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I've never used CEP but make sure the track is set to Mono and panned Center, it looks like it may be a stereo track and that its simply playing as it is from the screenshot, track on left channel blank on right channel.
hey romeo did you ever get this problem fixed.. i am having the same problem with my mic and cool edit
It's not your mic or program, it's your sound card. You're plugging a mono jack into a stereo input. The sleeve is being shunted to the sleeve when you plug it in, and there's no signal on there of course.
You'll need a special adapter which I dunno if they make, or preferably a new interface.
If you're heading the latter route, read the stickies.
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there's a chance you might be recording with a mono chord instead of a stereo chord. in the image below, the top plug is mono and the bottom is stereo. whether you've got a 1/8" plug or a 1/4" plug going into your soundcard "line in" and/or "mic," you'll need a stereo plug. also, if you're recording from a crappy practice amp through the headphone out jack or from any kind of effects box or any other direct source, make sure you alway alway always use a 1/4" stereo cable with a 1/8" adapter going into your "line in".

forgot the image....

...stereo adapter:

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also, if you're mixing down several takes into one long file, make sure you have the balances centered. upon mixdown, if you don't have them centered, they will mixdown to whatever side you have previously had them balanced to.

i've had careless times when i accidently forgot to re-center previously balanced takes that i've mixed down to a whole track and it can be really annoying. also, i have a habit of not learning entire songs all the way through and just recording them section by section to this happens ... or at least used to happen... fairly often.
Sorry I took so long to reply, I completely forgot about this thread. I should've known it was something so simple. My 1/4" cables are mono, although my 1/4" to 1/8" adapter is stereo. Thanks a bunch.

Also, do stereo cables tend to cost more than mono cables?