*I made the thread here because they are classified as an alternative band.

They're one of my favorite bands of all time, I think A Rush Of Blood To The Head has been their best album so far, my favorite songs of theirs include: Spies, a Rush of Blood to the Head, Amsterdam, In My Place, Low, White Shadows, and etc..

Chris Martin has a pretty good voice and Jon Buckland's guitar riffs are amazing. They're just a really talented band in my mind.

For people who haven't really heard their music or just don't know them at all, here are some songs I recommend you listen to:

A Rush of Blood to the Head
White Shadows
Speed of Sound
In My Place
Can't Get You Out of My Head (Cover of Kylie Minogue)
Don't Panic

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Yeah they are pretty good. Lots of people trying to become the next coldplay though

Yeah, they kinda started the Piano based rock band thing, bands like The Fray, Keane...etc all try to copy them but I still like those bands

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they are good... if you are trying to go to sleep

Nah, they got some real upbeat songs, listen to Low, White Shadows, Square One, Clocks...etc
well.. they're not really a "guitar oriented" band.. but their pretty cool.. great vocalist for their genre..
Lots of people have that impression that Coldplay music are more of the slow beat quiet type but with their latest album X&Y, they've really changed their direction to more of hard rock alternative guitar based music.
Yeah I like their lyrics, plus i had front row tickets when the came to Chicago last year
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