Why is it that the skinny guys seem to always have the upper hand in an eating contest and the fat guys, don't win as often?
maybe because the fat guys are so greedy they had a few big macs before the contest?
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because it's about speed not quantity. I hope to god you can put the rest together by yourself.
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their stomach has more elasticity, the fat guys are already streched
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they had something about this on the discovery channel quite a while ago, its because the skinny people like Hikiro Kobayashi (spelling?), the guy from the hot dog eating championships who train just to be professional eaters, have the ability to let their stomachs expand beyond normal because of their training, and for fat people, even if they train, the fat that you see on their bellies prevents the stomach from expanding as much as it could if there wasn't any fat in the way
kobeyashi has a stomach that sits low (or high i cant remember now) in his body so it has more room to expand. That, combined with metabolism, help a professional eater.

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the fat hinders the stomachs ability to expand
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"Professional eater"

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"Professional eater"

thats what i thought, i didn't know it was a sport
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