not sure where to post this..........is anyone familiar with recording programs or any other equipment I would need to start recording my own material myself???I have songs written that I would like to get recorded myself but dont really have a band to go in for a demo and would like to record it myself anyway(I play all the parts exept drums and have a drummer and a bass player for gigs) also because of lack of a 2nd guitarist I was looking into a looper pedal....any recommendations???I would just get my band together but im kind of a control freak and like to have songs sound exactly like I like them. thanks much
Well it isn't like, a professional quality recording program, but me and my band use Audacity to record stuff. We've got this cheap USB headset we use to record with. Its pretty ghetto but it works, and thats all I'm worried about, so if you're looking for simplicity, thats what we use
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