So I've been playing guitar since summer of 2006, so little over half a year now, and I've been playing an acoustic fender this whole time, recently I purchased a Mexican Made Fender Stratocaster, good choice for a beginner electric?
id be overjoyed if i had it as a beginner guitar. its actually quite a good guitar and i dont think youd need a new electric for some time
Good choice for even the advanced player. I had one as my first electric and love it to death. Also the quality difference between an american and mexican strat isn't much so it's not worth the money to upgrade as you progress
Very nice choice, I personally dispise strats, but I do know that they are excellent guitars (I just hate them, its a personal taste thing).
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Dude, yeah. That was my 3rd guitar, and my current one that I use for everything. Very good choice for a beginner, some professionals even use them.
Great guitar for a beginner. Once you get a bit better and you enjoy the fender tone, get the american .
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My first guitar was a mim Fender Strat Midnight Wine, for my birthday, I love it.
nice dude
i got one and i love it man
but u gotta hot rod the pickups for better tone tho
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Ya thats perfect. You have been playing for 6 months so its not like you are a total beginner. Thats perfect, now enjoy it to the fullest.
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Excellent choice. I loved my Squier, and plan to get a Fender eventually. You should be very pleased with it, . What finish did you get?
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Quote by Jinskee
Great guitar for a beginner. Once you get a bit better and you enjoy the fender tone, get the american .

Nah, just mod the Mexi! It'll be cheaper and pretty much as good.
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Wow a mexi for a first electric! Thats pretty amazing, you cant get better until you go american Fender in my opinion - nice going.
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Will it make any difference what we say?

You already bought it.

It's silly when people buy something and then ask people to verify what they did as being good in order to feel better about spending the money.

If you really cared for our opinions, you would've asked before buying it .
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MiM Strats can be great guitars. Hell, I'm thinking of buying one now and whilst it's a far lower spec than what I currently play, I just like it for some reason.
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It's a very VERY nice guitar.

Personally I need humbuckers, but still very nice.
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