I've looked every where for a picture of my guitar. I need a picture for a school project. I have an Ibanez WZ51802. If any one can find a picture or at least tell me why I can't one that would be great.
I dont have a digital camera and the project has to be done on the computer.
Yeah, Why can't you take a picture of it.. Do you not have a camera.. If you don't go buy a disposable one.. If you can't afford it, sell your guitar, then go buy a camera, then buy your guitar back for about five dollars less than what you sold it for.

*Get a picture disc from like CVS..*
go on the ibanez website.. they've gotta have a pic of it.. if not.. well.. you've got something magic there..
I have looked on many Ibanez websites, their were 2 of them at the store were I bought it and it was only 420$ U.S. so it can't be that rare.
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It says WZ51802 made in korea on the back of the head.

am, thats the serial number...
well just go to google.com
and search "Ibanez Serial numbers" and then a list should appear!
You just buy guitars by their name?
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