I'm currently looking into buying a new amplfier and the ashdown fallen angel (40 watt model) has caught my attention. I play heavy music, stuff like trivium, all that remains, but id also like to be able to pull off a nice clean and a shred tone. I have a ME-50, which i could use to boost the distortion, but i dont have a single pedle OD or DS.

What does this amp sound like? its roughly 470 bux, so im wondering just how long is this gonna last me? I have no previous experience with tube amps, and just how loud is 40 watts tube? enough for a gig?
ehh, they sound HOT! But 40w is kinda low for gigging, that is unless you mic it. But idk.....how much are you planning on spending?

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40 watts plenty loud.

Usually tubes last a good year if you threat them right, i.e let them warm up for 2 minutes before you play, just turn on stand-by and wait!! like if your taking a 10 minute break you just pop it on stand-by and leave it.. your tubes will adore you!

I would recomend a single pedal like a Ts maybe. Its cleans are alright, its would be simular to the Marshall DSL in which trivium use. so yeah I think it would suit you grand. sure any other questions just ask!!
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Eh, I hated it. I gave it 2 tries initial response was meh this thing is the suck. Secodn time a couple months later withre more time on it it, my response was the more sucky then it was before.

play it becuase you buy it.
My bassist has a 300 watt Ashdown, sounds pretty decent in my opinion. I was hoping he'd get an Ampeg, but he doesn't like them for some ungodly reason

Still excellent amps though, that Clayton dude from U2 uses them.

Made a few mistakes in this post haha. BTW this is what he uses.

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