Linkin Park (don't laugh) .....I just like the ferocity of the music. Plus, chesters voice is something to be envied..... :P (fave band ATM)
Metallica......how could you not LIKE METALLICA?
Rammstein- The lead singers voice (Till Liderman (sp?)) just has some major power behind it
Nirvana- Good ol' Kurt....
Give me some of ur band and some fo ur reasons.
megadeth- thrashes hard
metallica-kirk hammett is awesome
lamb of god-everything about them
slayer-everything about them too!
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Linkin Park - Just some of the shit they made is so good

Sublime - Dude...they ****in' rock

The Pillows - It's like the Japanese Beatles, but they can get heavy and punk at the same time.
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Van Halen - Tell me a guitarist that didn't shit their pants when they heard eruption
Children of Bodom - a very unique sound. a good balance of classical and metal sound. crazy live shows.
Arch Enemy - i like their lyrics, songs like Dead eyes see no future, We will rise, Nemesis just blew my mind away everytime i listen to it.
The mighty Led Zep - overall sound, consistence over their time.
Alice in Chains - a band that i can really related to during a period of time in my life and it's a reminder for me not to head into the flood again. rip LAYNE
slipknot- theyre hardcore
slayer- same reason
zepplin- good sound
metallica- real catchy tunes
ted nugent- kickass guitarist
peter frampton- another kickass guitarist
Ive got a bunch more.
NOFX - catchy fast punk songs
The Misfits- melodic punk
NIN - yep
Cannibal Corpse - rip your face off
Faith No More - Mr.bungle
Tool - because they're Tool
Guttermouth - punk rock
Primus - bass geetar
Alice In Chains - because
Stone temple Pilots - the first album (Core)
Morbid Angel - ???

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deftones - for continuing to push new music forward since thier first album and being commercially viable enough to take it to a wide audience

the police - timeless pop songs that can't be topped. and the drummer must have ten arms, does some real intricate stuff on the high hat.

kyuss - how can a band sound so heavy and chilled at the same time?

iron maiden - for the live show