Who do you think should play in next years Superbowl half time show?

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I think Metallica should cause they already played at the AFC conference championship when the Raiders went to the superbowl, cause Prince sucks ass
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4. the penis thread kid?

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as of today 7.
you will forever be known to me as the "WHY DO My THREADS KEEP DYING!??! " kid.


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Not Prince
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that 0/10 was for gonzo slash, i despise him.
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Gonzo, you're a cool dude.
Rage Against the Machine
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
man, prince was ****ing brutal...
Dimebag 1966-2004 RIP a true legend

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Dumbest thread ever...when shouldn't you get shit-faced drunk?

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When I turn on the TV, I see nothing but black people.[/IMG]

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I jerked off in Wyoming if that counts
12,000 feet ftw!!

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. Oh, Jesus hates you.
Prince played a kick-ass show. His guitar was mad awesome.
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You think Metallica is superior to Prince?

Wow, you're a loser.
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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yea venezula is just the richest country in the world...
lets get janet out there again!!!! whos with me?
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1. Find a hot chick's myspace.
2. Get lotion.
3. Look at pr0nz.
4. ???

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so I said: "those aren't the couch cushions, those are my testicles!"

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Fall Out Boy *struggles to maintain a serious expression*
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Lets get McCartney or the Stones out there again
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God, you make a 5-year-old seem like master Yoda, as far as patience goes.
Janet Jackson and Prince!!!! It would be the perfect combination.
Pero la cosa que me gusta mas es panochita,
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Rage Against the Machine

that would be the greatest thing that could ever happen to the world
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Fall Out Boy *struggles to maintain a serious expression*

Draken. I love you. I can't stop laughing...
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manliest string guage? barbed wire.
Pntera or Dream Theatre or Cannibal crpse real music with guitarz not ths pop shit r w/e

The Shins
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damn yertle, you got some groove
Dropkick Murphys, but only if they sing thier hockey anthems and wear Boston Bruins shirts.
Slayer! that would be ****ing insane escpisially with all the christians there!
the shins do put on a pretty good live show, i saw them for free and they played at least 5 zeppelin songs haha
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Megadeth, that would be nice but no one really knows who they are
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4. the penis thread kid?

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as of today 7.
you will forever be known to me as the "WHY DO My THREADS KEEP DYING!??! " kid.

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that would be the greatest thing that could ever happen to the world

Yeah bands completely selling out and buying into something that represents what they've made careers out of standing against sounds wonderful.
Iron Maiden and Judas Priest together...on the same stage

*head explodes thinking about the awsomeness*
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Hahaha!! ....you'd better be kidding
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The Prodigy.
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let's get a troup of strippers with pounding techno music out there. You thought Janet Jaksons nipple was bad wait until you see what i have planned (grins)
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I love you, Killer Bacon.
Iron Maiden AND Dream Theater
Maiden plays NOTB or HBTN
DT plays Pull Me Under or Never Enough
Then just let them all jam for a bit, that'd be the best halftime show my tiny mind could comprehend!
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