That song was done for my band!

Metalcore, but the end is Pink Floydish harmony solo!

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that was awesome. very melodic. acoustic intro sounded mint. bar 33-49 almost made me cream my weasil O_O...seriously lol, was like proper amazing. then the solo at the end, great harmonization. i almost creamed at bar 33-49. i sure as hell DID cream at the solo. great job man, might try learn this myself. 10/10 easy.

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Song 1 :
Song 2 :
Wow, I really liked it. the solo was great. Although, I had to listen to it through the MIDI file which, to me, doesn't do anything justice Still, I liked it and I like the breakdown before the acoustic bit (atleast I think it's the acoustic bit) I can't tell with MIDI. Overall 9/10

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Wow i dont normally like this kinda stuff but i really enjoyed this. I cant really find any area that needs work the lead lines and harmoneys were really good and really well writen. the solo flowed right into the song and fit right in. The intro was really good it was clean and very well writed

Great job 10/10
Why do all the songs I hear lately sound like video game music? haha anyway great work, I liked it a lot. Very good work with the two guitars and the slow tempo with the drums.

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