Okay, I've had my cheap, simple bass for a while now. I'm getting a new 5 string soon and I was wanting to do some things to my old one.
Some things I want to do are:
-New Pickups
-Changing the shape/size/type of pickups
-And possibly soemthing fancy like building in a tuner or some kind of distortion....

I have a friend who's an electrician so he said he'd be happy to help me. I was jsut wondering 1. If all of this is possible, and 2. if anyone has any tips or links to help?
I have no links, but I can say with great confidence that yes- all those things can be done. I've seen a whole bunch of defretting tutorials, and searching this very forum should yield some results. A few people here have succesfully defretted some basses, and reading about their progress should get you going.

Good luck.