Hey whats up, i was wondering if there is a such thing as a sampler that is in pedalbord form (like you would put it on the floor and press on of the footswitches and it would play a sample). if so, how much are they and where can i go about procuring one (i checked the samash and guitarcenter websites and they didnt seem like they had one, though i have yet to go to a store and ask about one).
also, how much would a good, computer integratable sampler cost (though the tip of my budget is around 500) and where could i read about how to use one before i buy one?
any help would be greatly appriciated

Depends what you are looking for. There are simple looping pedals that will repeat samples you play. The Akai headrush E2, Digitech Jamman, and Boss RC20/RC20XL/RC50XL/RC2 are a few popular ones, all in pedal form. They range in price between 200-400+, depending on storage, usability and capabilities. I have a GNX4 modelor floorboard that I use as a sampler/looper. It has amp and cab models, fx, and a built 8 track recorder, DBX mic preamp, and full midi drum machine. It can function like a Jamman looper to repeat phrases, and it also has the 8 track so you can record everything without a computer. It also has ASIO usb connection and balanced/unbalanced XLR and 1/4" connections for going into a soundboard or PA. It's pricey, but it really is a complete guitar workstation. I was playing around with it last week along with a BBE sonic maximizer, and made a recording with moviemaker, all analog recording into the line in on the soundcard. The GNX4 is playing the loop I made, along with the drums from the built in drum machine. Clip . Definitely a fun practice and recording tool. I haven't used many software apps. The only samplers I have used are Fruity Loops and Beatcraft for drum samples.
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Well, in a Stomp box type form, theres the Boss and Digitech Samplers. Ive seen this:


used as a sampler many times by bands, but theres no computer connectivity. Theres also the Digitech JamMan.


Which has a CompactFlash and USB port which will give you some connectivity with a PC. For both of those, you need to buy an additional footswitch to change samples. What I personally did, was just got the Roland SP-404 and hit the samples with my hands.
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If your willing to spend a bit more time and money, you could get an SP-404 and a MIDI floor board. then you could assign each pedal to a sample.
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thanks, im going to a store sometime soon to try out some stuff n just see some of it function, but i may go for the digitech or roland w or w.o the floorboard.
trhanks for the help