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RIP Kevin Robert Swerdfiger
September 15 1991 - May 16 2008
Wow, he was awesome.
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Sounded nice, but I've heard far better.
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FoolOnThePlanet, It's nice to know I'm not the only man who listens to The Pillows...(P!)
666 BRO
That is pretty good. It sounds like a mix of classical and Spanish. And I don't mean classical guitar, I mean the real stuff.
That was really cool.
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Search for air tapping on Youtube, some of those are amazing, same style of playing too
Awesome. Although Shawn Lane's Gray Pianos Flying takes the cake as the "greatest thing ever"
Someones knowledge of guitar companies spelling determines what amps you can own. Really smart people can own things like Framus because they sound like they might be spelled with a "y" but they aren't.
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