Anyone got any ideas on achieving the sound?

I'm an experienced player but I just can't get that characteristic sort of grinding tone as heard specifically on tunes like 'I'm Broken' and 'Five Minutes Alone'. The riffs are very simple to play but they just don't have that same kick when other people including myself play them. Am I not taking into account some effect/stompbox/playing mannerism/(recording technique to increase the beefyness of what seem to be single note rather than powerchord riffs - ie I'm broken) used by Dimebag? I play an Ibanez RG and line 6 spider III and have loads of technique under my belt - can't see why the tone escapes me

By the way, I'm well aquainted with blues scale, all types of harmonic and whammy bars, stuff that usually seems to form the answer to queries on playing like Dime.

Advice, thoughts or refferals to places that might have more info would be much appreciated.

Solid state amp with the gain turned way up, the mids turned down, and a ridiculous amount of high end.
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a Randall solid state head, a Dean From Hell and incredible hands.
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Dime had an extremely bright sound. Tons of treble. This partially came from his main amp, a Randall Warhead. Randall's in general are pretty bright amps, and he cranked the treble on his. Of course, that's only part of the solution, but it's a big part.
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One thing you have to remember with dime is that he was actually a hair flat in his tunings. So if a song is tuned standard (E-A-D-G-B-E), to dime it's really (D# plus 40 cents, G# plus 40 cents, C# plus 40 cents, F# plus 40 cents, A# plus 40 cents, and D# plus 40 cents). Don't ask me why it's this way, according to dime it just happened like that on most songs.

Strings - .009 to .046 for standard tuning. .009, .011, .016, .028, .038 and .050 for other tunings.

Guitar - His main was his "blue Lightning bolt" Dean ML. Otherwise known as "the dean from hell" of course it was modified with a floyd rose and he also modified the pickups with the bill lawrence L500L in the bridge and seymour duncan 59 in the neck. In guitar world of '92 he talked about putting the Bill Lawrence humbucker in the bridge and flipping it, so that hot pole is in the front rather than near the bridge.

Amp - 100watt Randall solid-state half-stack RG100H for cowboys from hell. Randall 125Watt solid-state head. The Century 200 (C200). Cab used with both heads was the Randall 412JB straight 4x12 cabinets loaded with 80 watt jaguar speakers for his dirty sound and Randall 412CB straight 4x12 cabinets with 70 watt celestion speakers for the cleans.

To give a little extra oomph to the randall heads he used an MXR 6 band EQ(blue) and a Furman PQ4 parametric EQ to achieve his dime tone.

Effects. Rocktron Guitar Silencer Noise Gate(though for studio work he use the Boss NS-2). Vox Wah(V847), Dunlop Cry Baby, DUnlop 535Q, and a rackmounted dunlop (DCR-1SR). DigiTech Whammy Pedal, Korg AX30G multi effects(on trendkill and Reinventing the Steel), Korg Toneworks G1(no longer made), Boss CE1 Chorus, Lexicon Vortex, Roland AP-II Phase2, Little Big Muff Fuzz, just to name a few effects that made it on pantera albums.

Note: Even if you did own all of this stuff it would be really hard to truely replicate his sound, since most of dimes tone came from dime himself and not so much his gear, but looking at all of that should give you a small idea of how to tweak things to get a better sound. According to Dime the two EQ's make a huge difference in overall tonal quality.
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^ is correct, i have spent HOURS on a digital distortion setup trying to accurately reproduce the "dimebag" tone, i've come pretty close. but a big part of what made his sound, HIS SOUND, is how he played, his hands were VERY strong.