80 bucks for a MXR Double shot distortion anyone? If you don't know what this is look it up. I need to get rid of this soon. I need the money for a weber power attenutor. This is more than 40 dollars off what you would find online. This includes the pedal and power supply, and I will have it shipped by Saturday. I will be more than happy to answer any questions
because its on sale dipshit. sorry i didnt just look at every oline site to see if they were on sale. notice the normal price of 129.99. That means its more like 50 dollars less trhan usual, but to compete with musuicians friend I would maybe be willing to part with it for 70 plus buyer pays shipping.
Just so you know dipshit... generally once they put an item on sale, it never comes off. So they will sell it for $100 until their stock is gone and await the new model.
I was being a smartass because you called me a dipshit.

Yes, regular price was $129.99, but their 'sale' price is generally what they are going to charge for the item until they have none left or ordered. Their Squier 51 has been on 'sale' now for 3 months.